PEARC Academy of Fashions


1) B.A. (Hons) – Degree of Fashion Design (FD)



XII / equivalent

  1. a) level 0 : Fundation Design
  2. b) level 1 : Basic knowlege
  3. c) level 2 : Basic Knowledge, skills, concepts
  4. d) level 3 : consolidation

BA (Hons) : Degree of Textile Design (TD)

BA (Hons): Degree Jewellery Design (JD)

BA (Hons): Degree comunication Design (CD)

BA (Hons): Degree Fashion Business Management (FBM)

BA (Hons): Degree Fashion Retail Management

BA (Hons): Degree in Interior Architecture & Design

BA (Hons): Fashion styling and Image Design

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